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Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery

Swamp Walk Tours & Cottage Rentals

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Experience the Beauty of Nature in Florida

Discover the allure of Clyde and Niki Butcher’s art at Big Cypress Gallery, where they invite you to experience the beauty of their former home. To truly understand the swamp, they believe you need to immerse yourself in it. Join a guided swamp walk tour and consider extending your stay in our private accommodations nestled on 13 lush subtropical acres behind Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery, surrounded by a million acres of wilderness. It’s a chance to not just view their art but to live in the enchanting world that inspired it.

Behind Clyde Butcher’s Gallery

A Big Cypress Swamp walk is more than a walk in the park—it’s an adventure, a getaway, and a thrill! Experience the primordial beauty of Clyde Butcher’s world when you experience a guided swamp tour through Big Cypress National Preserve behind his gallery.

Beneath the ancient cypress trees, take the time to compose the next photographic masterpiece, or just pause and listen to the deep stillness of an unspoiled paradise that seems far from everyday life. In this light-filled realm of wonder and awe, you are completely surrounded by nature in the purest state.

Your Own Private Nature Retreat

Fall asleep to the soothing lullaby of tree frogs and cicadas, and wake to the call of a snowy egret or great white heron. Reserve your stay at one of Clyde Butcher’s two exclusive nature retreats, which blend pristine natural surroundings with modern amenities. Nestled deep in the Florida Everglades, these private accommodations sit on 13 lush subtropical acres of Big Cypress Swamp, surrounded by a million acres of wilderness.

Choose from the cozy one-bedroom Swamp Bungalow or the more spacious two-bedroom Swamp Cottage. Overnight guests receive a 20% discount on our swamp walk.

To know the swamp, you have to get into the swamp.

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A totally unusual and great experience

"This was an incredible experience and unlike any other tourist attraction I have been on. The guide was great to work with, the views amazing and the whole experience so unusual."

– Bob Micki R., Tripadvisor
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What a great experience

"There is no better way explore and enjoy a little slice of the everglades. We went in mid-October. Zero bugs. Loved it."

– Scott B., Tripadvisor
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Art photo gray at its finest

"Clyde Burcher captures the pure beauty of the Everglades in black and white photography. Visit his art museum for free! The black and white artistry is available for purchase. Stunning work. A must see when you visit the Everglades."

– Sherry T., Tripadvisor
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Life time experience

"Very heart warming and cool to experience. We saw so many alligators and birds. Clyde's story is beautiful. It was recommended by a local and we were so grateful to have stopped there on our way to the keys. Thank you."

– KandL K., Tripadvisor